As a seasonal for nearly 8 years, things just keep getting better. The safety,security and cleanliness of Copake Camping Resort is beyond compare.
This past year I took on the task of activities Co-Coordinator. It has been a very fulfilling experience. All of the fantastic guests, our seasonal, and of course the children I have meet and worked with was much more than I expected that it would be. All the fun we had from parades, carnival, cook offs, our Thanksgiving celebration were phenomenal. My co-workers from maintenance, housekeeping and the office were always there to lend a hand to us and especially all of our guests. Not to leave out our fearless leader Kellie who is there for everyone.
What a great place for your camping vacations or the weekend or join our seasonal family Copake Camping Resort is the place to be.
I am looking forward to the 2019 season and many new adventures and our fun Saturday night Entertainment weather a DJ or Band always a good time.
If you can't wait till spring Copake Camping Resort is now open for the winter with cabins and RV sites.

Lisa Hurn 10/26/18

My wife and I decided to purchase our first Camper, We have been tenting for that last 5 yrs, but wanted to have the ability to extend our camping season.  We purchased at Camper World in Kingston and drove it straight to Copake Camp Ground, where we were directed right to our Site and setup camp, we met great people and the staff were polite and helpful. We came back to Copake a month later and received the same great treatment, the grounds are clean and updated. They were doing some work on the grounds so they decided to credit us back for the noise disturbance, very thoughtful, I am excited to setup there in the spring and do it all over again next season, Spring Special !!!

Ray & Elissa Gittings

Ray Gittings 10/30/18

If you once stayed at Copake Camping Resort (formally Copake KOA) in Copake, New York, and for whatever reason you didn’t rate it high on your list, consider going back! You’ll be in for a big surprise and a real treat! I spent several weeks there this past summer and enjoyed it immensely. The campground is no longer a KOA and a few months after the start of 2018 new owners took over and put a new management team in place. The staff is also new. Turning into the campground (the entrance gate I suppose could be a tad wider) brings you into a very large arrival and parking area. There is usually a staff member there to greet you and since most RVers have pre-paid, the check in process takes only seconds before you’re escorted to your site. The roads are gravel, level and wide, the grounds are aesthetically manicured and the RV sites, cabins and facilities are pristine. The new GM, Kellie, and her staff have made innovative changes and improvements and are continuing to do so. For one, and unlike previous years, the campground is now open all year round. Kellie and her staff have set the bar for how a campground should be run. Whether this is your first time there or a returning camper you’ll enjoy your stay. If this sounds like an ad for the campground it could be. As a full-time RVer I work-camped there this past summer for a few weeks so I was privy to most of the behind-the-scene things that go on at a campground. It’s was a great place to camp both inside and out!"

John Meyer 11/02/18

Always a great time at Copake! Awesome staff and campers alike. There is always something fun and exciting happening all day every day!

Lydia Bush 11/06/18

Just wanted to give a yell out to dave/kellie at copake camping resort for giving me the opportunity to work there this past season. Great campground, great people to work with. One of the nicest campgrounds in the area. I've been camping for over 45 years and this campground is one of the cleanest i have stayed at. Maybe i will see you all next season. Little Dave

Dave McIntyre 11/07/18