Two women in bikinis facing away, showing their bare backs with sunscreen on them in the shape of a sun and the letters u and v

Summer Safety: Staying Safe in the Sun

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The summer months bring with them excitement, fun outdoor activities, and of course camping! But while you’re enjoying the swimming, hiking, and picnicking, don’t forget to look out for your health as well. The summer sun can be intense and even dangerous if you’re not properly prepared for it. This series of blogs offers tips and advice for staying hydrated …

Lake Irene

Are the Forests in the US Shrinking?


Much of the land in the United States and North America is rich and fertile.  As the lyrics of “America the Beautiful” state of the landscape of the US, “…amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain!”  When settlers from Europe came to this “new world” they were rewarded with beautiful views of lush greenery and …


What is Geocaching and How do I Get Started?


What is Geocaching? Maybe you have heard this term before and maybe it’s new, but geocaching has been popular for several years now.  Basically it is an activity in which you use GPS locations to search for, discover, and place items for others in a network across the country. this fun trend combines the wonders of nature with the thrill …

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6 Important Knots You Should Know


Knot tying can be a surprisingly valuable skill when camping. From setting up a tent to performing first aid, you never know when you may need to tie a strong knot. Knowing six of the most important knots will prepare you for many common situations that may arise while camping.   1.  Square Knot   One of the most basic …

Sun Rise over clouds

Staying Safe While Enjoying the Sunshine!


The sunshine can be an integral part of our camping experience in the summer, and during the summer months, it will usually factor into camping preparation. While sunshine can bring joy and fun to your day, too much of a good thing can be harmful, and it is important to be careful of the sun’s adverse effects. Too much sun …

What’s the Difference Between Pine, Spruce and Fir Trees?


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! When you think of a Christmas tree or any “evergreen” tree, do you ever wonder what the difference is between the types, or species?  You may have heard the terms pine and spruce, hemlock and fir but never really could tell one from the other.  Well, let’s take a look. Common “softwoods”, these trees …

Types of Trees in North America


A big part of the camping experience is being outside, close to nature.  Being surrounded by woods and fields, lakes and stream can bring a sense of peace and well-being to many a camper.  While it used to be common for every child to be familiar with the plant and animal life found outdoors, it is now much more common …

7 Classic Campfire Songs from the 60’s and 70’s That you Should Know


Sitting around the campfire, listening to music can be one of the best evening activities at camp.  But sometimes listening is just not good enough, so we’ve compiled a list of some classics that are well-suited to be played on guitar or sung around the fire.  They may be old, they may be a little corny, but there’s a reason …

How to SAFELY Enjoy a Campfire and Cooking Fire


For millennia, people have been drawn to fire for its warmth, security and usefulness.  Today, camp fires are often synonymous with camping.  Whether it’s a cooking fire to roast your favorite camp meal or roasting marshmallows over an evening campfire with family and friends, it can often be the highlight of a day at camp. To get the most enjoyment …

Holiday Recipes


Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season for giving, laughing, loving, and eating — lots of eating. We’re eating at restaurants, cooking old family recipes, spending time together in the kitchen, making memories all season long. But what are we eating? We’re dedicating this post to holiday recipes to help you in deciding what to cook for your family this season. They’re …